In her work Didy is researching ways to question reality. By asking visual questions she’s showing the invisible by using the visible, researching ways to use the daily environment and objects as openings for imagination. The results are narrative, filmic scenes with a surrealistic influence.

She often uses soft light in her work with a special eye for composition, sometimes awkward photographic moments and elements like shapes, colors, reflections, overlap, traces, imprints and shadows. 

The specific combination of the environment and subject – isolated from the rest of the world- is often somewhat unusual. It’s a friction between the subject and his environment. A subject that most of times seems to be caught in some kind of activity. It’s all brought together in a staged and well composed scene.

She wants to peel off the upper layer of reality and see what’s under. The subjects she finds in ordinary reality are transformed into a poetic version of reality with a sense of humor. 

This results in images that are ways in which ordinary things could make us wonder about bigger things.

She has assignments in the field of illustrations, still life, portraiture photography. She has been nominated twice for PANL (Selection Of Dutch photography). Clients are companies, magazines, social organisations and cultural institutions. 

Apart from assignments she likes to work on personal projects. This work is exhibited and used for book covers or as an illustration. Works have been published in (selection): PANLSHOTS (UK), SkrienFOAM vondelparkVK. Also she has exhibited her work.

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