Didy van der Veen (born: Bergen op Zoom, NL) graduated in Photographic Design from the Royal Academy of the Arts (KABK) in The Hague, The Netherlands. Currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Starting at age sixteen with photography at high school in Antwerp, she's trained allround and has explored different forms of the medium.

She works on assignments in portraits, stills, illustrative/editorial photography - most of times leaving from a concept - for magazines, cultural organisations, publishing houses and non-profit foundations. She has been making portraits for magazines, for jubilee books, illustrations for brochures and websites, photography for greetings cards and illustrative work for book covers. 

In her own personal work she's researching ways to question reality. By asking visual questions she’s showing the invisible by using the visible, researching ways to use the daily environment and objects as openings for imagination. The results are narrative, filmic scenes with a surrealistic influence. This work has been published in magazines and nominated.  Read More...

Next to commissioned photography she works on personal projects. 

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Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Arts, Piet Zwart Institute,  WDKA, Rotterdam, NL 

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), in Visual Arts and Design, Art History, first degree, Utrecht University of the Arts, Utrecht, NL 

Bachelor of Arts in Photographic Design, Royal Academy of Arts , The Hague, NL 

Pre-University Secondary Education in Photography, Institute of Ornamental Arts and Crafts, Antwerp, BE 


Didy also works as a licensed teacher  since 2008 for schools, universities, companies and cultural organizations. Go to didyvanderveen.nl/educator for information. 


  • Selection of Dutch Photography/DuPho (PANL 11)
  • Selection of Dutch Photography/DuPho (PANL 14)

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